Our Staff

As the leadership team of Chapel by the Sea, we recognize the authority of God and His infallible Word and realize that we are shepherds who serve under the Chief Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ. We desire to devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministries and positions God has placed us in according to His sovereign will. Our passion and goal is to encourage, engage, and equip believers for the work of the ministry until we all attain maturity in the fullness of Christ.

pastor david

David Walkup

Senior Pastor

As the primary Teaching Elder and Senior Pastor, David Walkup has a passion for carefully unpacking the truths of Scripture in the Reformed tradition. Pastor David has more than thirty years of ministry experience and has been pastoring at Chapel by the Sea since 1997. In the past, he has also served as the Chairman of the Board of World Witness, the missions board of our denomination.

David is passionate about missionary work and has a heart for the lost. He and his wife Teri have three children.


Randall Anderson

Youth Director

Randall was born in the jungles of Peru where his parents were serving as missionaries. After serving as a deacon at the Chapel by the Sea, he was called to return to Peru to serve the youth of Pucallpa for three years with his wife Susan and his four children.

Upon their return to the States, Randall was appointed as an Elder and, most recently, Youth Director. He has a deep love for mentoring youth and encourages them to make a stand for Christ and make Godly decisions daily that will help them through their adolescent years.

ray and wendy

Ray & Wendy Christian

Music Ministry Directors

Ray and Wendy were raised in Miami and met in Sunday School at the age of twelve. They were blessed to be part of an award winning Youth Choir for six years which toured Florida one week each year. They started dating at seventeen and waited for Wendy to get her Music degree and Ray his electronics, and later Pastoral studies degree, before marrying in 1974.

Ray and Wendy moved to Melbourne Beach in 1994 and have participated in various ministries at the Chapel since that time. They have two grown children who live in Florida, Jenna Struble and Chris Christian.


Barbara Berger

Organist / Pianist

Barbara was raised in Orlando. Received her Music Degree at Jacksonville University. She met her husband, Don, in college and they were married in 1971.

Barbara taught Elementary music education in Brevard County for 38 years. Barbara and Don have two grown children, Sean and Heather, along with son-in-law, Randy, and grandson, Brody.

Barbara sings in the Chapel adult choir and helps direct and play with the Chapel handbell choir. She also helps direct the Chapel children’s choir and VBS music program.

Terry photo

Terry Burch

Church Administrator

Terry brings with her more than fifteen years of church administration experience. This experience enables her to reduce and make more efficient the workload of the pastor and other staff members so that they can have more time to devote to their specific areas of ministry. Terry’s passion is to provide the Chapel with the knowledge and resources needed to manage all aspects of the Chapel most effectively and efficiently. In addition to her staff duties, Terry heads up the thriving, vibrant, and very active Women’s Ministry at the Chapel, and serves on the Missions Committee as well.

Terry has been married to her husband Michael for 46 years and has four children, Matthew, Daniel, Leah, Sarah Jane, and 6 grandchildren. When not occupied with her church administrative duties, she enjoys hiking, biking, swimming, and hunting for shells and sea glass.